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Be Outdoors is all about adventure!

We love the outdoors and all the cool activities that come with being in the open air. From something as soothing as a Saturday afternoon trail ride to more challenging activities like hunting or Overlanding, we have you covered with the most comprehensive equipment reviews and guides to keep your apparatus working for years!

We understand thousands of accessories can go on your car and choosing can be a headache. We take a look at every bike rack, rooftop box, roof rack, lightbar, vehicle fridge, and tent, and package the information into a useful guide that eliminates all the guesswork. Outdooring will never be as easy as

We want your adventure to keep on going, we have guides to help you maintain your gear so it serves you for longer.

Why do we do this?

Honest, reliable reviews for outdoor gear are hard to find these days. Most of the purchase advice available lacks information or is regurgitated garbage that has been rephrased, and none of them are useful especially if it is your first time. At Boutdoors, we put you first by giving you information that will make your entry into an active outdoor lifestyle as easy and safe as possible.

We have personally gone through thousands of materials using our varied experience and created in-depth reviews that give you different choices for all accessories. Whether you are a beginner or have a bit of experience, we have you covered! Boutdoors is the one-stop knowledge base for all sorts of gear including bike racks, roof racks,  rooftop boxes, lightbars, auxiliary batteries, and even more advanced accessories like rooftop tents and fridges. 


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Our Principles

As the outdoor world changes, we believe that your reviews and guides should change with it. This is why we strive to update with the latest developments and updates to existing products. If they make it lighter, we will let you know. If it’s made to last longer, you will hear about it first here. If your favorite cooler now comes in camo, you will be the first to know!

We are driven by providing factual useful purchase advice, and to this end, we source our information from trusted sources and take into account confirmed purchase reviews as well as our own experiences. Our dream is to bring the outdoors to everyone, and with that in mind we aim for accuracy in our information, and our reviews are made with your safety in mind. 


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